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Types of Wi-fi Light Bulbs

Isn’t the future just great? Now with the aid of super-awesome modern technology you can change the colour of multiple different light-bulbs around your house with the flick of the wrist.

Colour changing light-bulbs are a new and increasingly popular novelty as of the last quarter of 2012 – but they aren’t useful purely as a novelty.

With the new Philips Hue wi-fi controlled light bulbs that are exclusively by Apple, users can use an iPad/iPhone app to make changes remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet or data connection.

Are we seeing the start of home automation technology pushing it’s way into the mainstream?

Wi-fi Controlled LED Light Bulbs

Wi-fi/wireless controlled light bulbs allow users to adjust particular aspects of lighting remotely.

For example the bulbs can change colour, brightness – or simple on / off.

Wi-fi Controlled Colour Changing Light Bulbs

Wi-fi/wireless controlled colour changing light bulbs can – as in the name – change colour automatically via a control mechanism.

One of the biggest contenders to emerge so far is the Philips Hue, covered in detail in the next section.

There are also other brands selling similar wireless controlled colour changing bulb systems, using a variety of control methods including remote controls.

Philips Hue Connected Bulbs

Philips Hue - Image Copyright Philips

The Philips Hue Connected Bulb system allows users to control colour/shading of multiple light bulbs around the house via an Apple iOS app.

Philips Hue Connected Bulbs are sold exclusively through Apple stores – online and in local stores.

Users must buy the 3 light bulb starter pack first. It is possible to buy a single light bulb for £49.99, but it will not function without the control system found in the starter pack.

This creates quite a high entry point to buy the system, which may put off more budget conscious customers that may have only wanted the single bulb.

You can read more about the different types of Philips Vue Connected Bulbs here.

Kickstarter – LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented by Phil Bosua

LIFX Light Bulb - Still from LIX promotional video - Copyright LIFXThe LIFX wirelessly controlled energy efficient LED light bulb idea was launched on Kickstarter September 15th 2012 – and successfully completed funding November 14th, with a whopping $1,314,542 pledged. This was way over the intial target of $100,000.

As well as being able to change colour, the bulb is designed to be highly energy efficient.

The bulbs will be controllable via mobile/tablet apps.

iPhone / iPad Controlled Colour Changing Light Bulbs

It is possible to control light bulbs via an iPhone or iPad using the Philips Hue system available from the Apple store.

We will list other systems and apps for the iOS as they are released.

Android Controlled Wi-fi Light Bulbs

There is also a Philips Hue Android app, meaning Android users can also make use of the Philips Hue wi-fi controlled light bulbs.

There are also other projects in the pipeline including the LIFX.


A promotional video from Philips Lighting for the Hue.

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