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Guide to the different types of iPods available in the UK.

Apple’s iPod is possibly the most popular portable music player ever. The majority of people up and down the country now own one of them. However, there are several different types of iPods to choose from if you are interested in buying one for yourself or as a gift.

There have been many different models over the years, and each model has generations where new versions have been released. If you want to buy one then it is important that you know about all of the different types.

Types of iPods

iPod Classic

The iPod Classic was the original iPod, the first to be released. This type of iPod is actually still very popular today, despite the many other options available. Of course, the latest generations of the iPod Classic are indeed the most popular. This type of iPod has a huge memory capacity, with the most popular being the 80GB version. It has very high quality video and sound playback, as well as being lightweight and compact. If you want something that is reliable and high quality then this is definitely it.

iPod Nano

The iPod Classic swiftly took a back seat when the Nano was released. This is not so much the case now, but it certainly was back then. Never generations of the Nano have many more features than previous versions. For example, they are much better shaped, and there are many more colours available to choose from. As well as this, the newer generations actually have video cameras built-in, which is great. The only issue with the newer generations is that they tend to be a bit flimsy and very easy to break. The good thing about the newest model is that Apple have made it much more compact and have also integrated Multi-Touch.

iPod Mini

The iPod Mini is basically a small compact hybrid of the Nano and the Classic. This type of iPod would be perfect for anyone who wants something compact and lightweight that is still durable. There are several different colours available if you want to get an iPod Mini, and again, the newer models tend to have many more features on offer than the older models.

iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle is the smallest and least expensive out of all of the different types of iPods. This type of iPod would be perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go because you can simply clip the player to your jacket or belt and move without having to worry about dropping the iPod. The only downside to this type of iPod is the fact that you have no screen, which also means no video play back or album artwork. As well as this, it can be difficult to change songs because you cant actually see what is playing.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is probably the best iPod that Apple have come up with yet. First of all, there is the fact that it has a full touch screen that makes browsing the music collection incredibly easy. As well as this, there is the built in Wi-Fi that isn’t available on any other iPods. This allows you to browse the web anywhere where there is a Wi-Fi connection. Of course, this is a huge plus point. There are many more, such as the built in YouTube player and the fact that there are numerous apps that can be downloaded to enhance your iPod experience.

Useful websites

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