3 Types of Delivery Services

As the online world has developed, so too have delivery services that facilitate the exchange of goods both inside the corporate world, and outside of it too.

The days of patiently browsing in shop stores for a surprising purchase are fading away, as the demand for long awaited goods hits its peak.

After all, with every year another surge in online shopping occurs across the globe, so much so that in the UK, high streets risk closing down to make way for the online popularity wave.

In this article, we’ll closely consider the 4 types of delivery services that are turning heads today.

On-Demand Delivery

First on the list is on-demand delivery, which focuses on the sheer immediacy of delivery services for goods that need to arrive quickly in order to be usable.

The prospect of clicking a button on a screen and the chosen goods arriving mere moments later is enough to excite anyone, and it’s typically used for the more important deliveries that are made.

A good example of this would be in the food industry; whether someone is ordering goods from a local supermarket or a nearby takeaway, obviously what you order needs to arrive almost immediately in order to be consumed!

Scheduled Delivery

The next best thing in terms of timeliness is the scheduled delivery service, which many people are familiar with through dealing with sites like Amazon or eBay.

Most customers of the scheduled delivery typically expect their items in the range of 2-3 days to, sometimes, entire weeks going by if there’s a great distance to cover between the shipper and the customer.

On-demand delivery is sometimes a possibility here depending on certain circumstances, as the drop-down menus will sometimes allow certain orders to be scheduled for the next working day if made within a certain time frame.

However, extra costs are frequently incurred if the customer wants their order faster; whether it’s a one-time payment for one day delivery or subscribing for premium service from the business that gives the customer priority in the delivery arena.

International Courier Services

Wrapping up the list are the international courier services, making large scale deliveries over greater distances.

When it comes to launching items from one country another, there’re a lot of moving parts involved as most would expect; packaging the goods, transfer to airfreight cargo, and then even perhaps moving the goods to a boat or van to make up the remainder of the trip, etc.

It’s a complicated step-by-step process as packages frequently change hands during transit, and because of this they can risk being damaged or misplaced due to the varying degrees of responsibility and job expertise involved.

However, the better international courier companies acknowledge these risks and strive to eliminate them; for example, Parcel2Go ensure that their own process is highly safe and secure for packages by going to extra lengths to protect parcels up to £5000 with extra cover.

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