Korean Face Sheet Masks

A detailed look at the different types of Korean face sheet masks available in the UK.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years you will probably have witnessed South Korean trends such as K-beauty and K-Pop race into popular culture in the West.

Don’t worry – we aren’t going to spend article waxing lyrical about perfectly polished boy & girl bands. Today we take a look at Korean Face Sheet Masks, specifically: what they are, and the different types of face sheet masks available.

What are Korean Sheet Masks and what do they do?

Korean face masks, aka sheet masks (not to be confused with medical face masks to avoid germs!), are serum filled beauty treatments designed to rejuvenate your face for younger looking skin.

Serum – what does that mean? Serum is an industry term which basically means the masks have a solution that is packed with beneficial nutrients designed to improve your skin.

Users often report having better looking and feeling skin in a relatively short period after using sheet masks.

Types of Korean Sheet Masks

What are Korean Sheet Masks


A’pieu sell masks in a range of flavours from Banana to Coffee!

A sister brand of Missha and Swisspure – ‘On trend’ Korean skincare producer A’pieu sell a wide range of Korean sheet masks in the UK, US and globally. The brand is aimed at women in their 20s.

Etude House

A South Korean make-up company owned by Amore Pacific – Etude House sell a range of different Korean sheet masks, including various flavours – and also masks containing Hyaluronic Acid.


Innisfree are one of the biggest and most popular Korean beauty brands. Rather than simply selling different flavours, Innisfree sell masks with a range of different specific chemical treatments for you to choose from.

Korean Sheet Mask Guides and Where to Buy

We took a lot of the information in this article from this guide to Korean face sheet masks. You can also purchase the masks featured in this article on this page.

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