The phone is internationally one of the most widely used and important methods of communication.

This article lists some of the different types of phones available.


  1. Landline Phone
  2. Mobile Phone
  3. Smartphone
  4. VoIP Phone
  5. Satellite Phone

Landline Phone

Landline or fixed line phones are still the most popular phone system internationally.

They generally provide cheaper calls and the line provides higher bandwidth for internet users.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular and are soon expected to overtake fixed landline phones in popularity.

Providing a high level of portability and “pay as you go” pricing they are often the choice of younger consumers.


Some mobile phones have increased in technological ability to the extent that they are essentially more like miniture computer systems.

Smart phones such as the iPhone and recently the Android phones come equipped with GPS satellite navigation abilities, email and thousands of downloadable “apps”.

VoIP Phone

VoIP or Voice of Internet Protocol phones allow people able to connect to the internet to send and receive phone calls.

Skype and Vonage are two of the most famous providers. Users with a VoIP phone or headset can use these networks to internally to the network, as well as to call outside the Skype system to standard phone numbers.

Satellite Phone

Satellite phones can provide mobile connectivity in places where traditional mobile networks cannot reach. Previously satelite phones where very bulky, though some models have since reduced in size to that or normal mobiles, though satellite phones vary greatly.

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