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Find out about recycling Android mobile phones.


Recycling Android Mobile Phones

It is possible to recycle Android mobile phones via companies that operate mobile phone recycling sites, for a set fee regardless of condition.

Recycling Android Phones Regardless Of Software Version

Android phones have been on the market for a long time now, and many were shipped with older versions of the operating system.

When it comes to updating the OS, many people are really not technically minded enough to be able to do it.

Because of the excellence of the software, users can make use of many of the phone’s features, but updating the OS might prove to be beyond them.

In actual fact, there are many models of phone that will not accept an update to the OS.

These users might decide to sell mobile phone technology that doesn’t live up to what they want to do.

The problem for them is moving this older technology on to people who want it.

This may leave them asking “How can I sell my mobile phone technology that is out-of-date?”

One option is eBay, but even this is not a reliable option with many auctions failing to reach the reserve price or failing to be sold at all.

The more reliable option is to send the phone to a company that operates a recycling option that can give a guaranteed fee for a certain type of phone, regardless of its condition.

So long as the phone is in operational condition then, the cosmetic look of the phone is often overlooked.

Even some of the older Android phones can fetch £20, regardless of the version of the software that is installed.

What this actually says is that the phone has a lot of life left so long as the electronics do not have any damage.

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