Mobile phones ready for recycling

This article explains what mobile phone recycling is, discusses whether it is a good idea and how to find a mobile phone recycling company.


What is mobile phone recycling?

As many as two third of house-holds have at least one unused mobile phone.

Mobile phone recycling is a way of recycling your mobile phone for money.

You can enter your mobile phone’s make and model, and they will give you an offer of how much they will pay it.

If you have an unused mobile phone in your house, mobile phone recycling is a great way of converting it into cash.

Mobile phone recycling websites

Various mobile phone recycling companies in the UK will pay to buy your phone off you.

You can also visit mobile phone recycling comparison website to compare the best prices you can get for your mobile.

Is mobile phone recycling a good idea?

It makes sense to pick the mobile phone recycling company that will pay you best for your mobile, and using the comparison service makes it is easy to find which is best.

Recycling something that would otherwise go to waste or be thrown away is both good for the environment, and good for your pocket.

If you are going to sell your mobile it is a good idea to check to see how much you can get for your mobile effort and fee free with a mobile phone comparison site.

What type of mobile phones can you recycle?

You can recycle any brand of mobile phone:

  • iPhone
  • Nokia
  • Sony-Ericsson
  • Blackberry
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Arcatel

If you have a good model of phone to recycle such as an iPhone, Blackberry or other smart-phone – you can expect to receive quite a lot back in compensation.

Who buys the mobile phones?

Envirofone and Mazuma are two of the most famous mobile phone recycling companies, but there are also many other reputable companies in the UK that may offer a better rate.

Often companies that spend a lot on marketing won’t necessarily be the best price-wise, so it pays to use a comparison site.

Examples of mobile phone recycling companies in the UK include: Boots, Cash4Phones, CashInMyFone, Debenhams, Mopay and 02Recycle.

What else can you recycle for money?

You can also recycle other consumer goods for cash, such as MP3 players, digital cameras, games consoles, sat navs and gold / jewellery.

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