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This article lists the different types of travel insurance available in the UK.


Types of Travel Insurance

When booking a holiday or long weekend away, there are many things to think about and more often than not, ensuring you have the correct type of travel insurance is usually far from the front of your mind and can sometimes be a late afterthought.


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Just like choosing any type of insurance cover, whether it is home, car etc. travel insurance can sometimes be a time consuming task as you need to make sure you are covered for any activity or eventuality that might occur during your time away.

Nowadays, this drawn out affair has been made easier with many insurance providers setting out a clear breakdown of the various types of holiday insurance packages available which can then be tailored to specific needs and preferences.

Below we list a clear guide to some of the travel insurance cover available and what each one means:

Single Trip

Usually the policy of choice for holidaymakers embarking on their annual trip away, as the name suggests, this offers you travel insurance for one trip only. When this type of insurance is taken out, it is normal practice to specify your departure and return dates in order to be covered efficiently for the duration of that period.

Annual Travel Insurance

The policy of choice for travel enthusiasts who travel regularly throughout the year and are therefore highly likely to benefit from annual travel insurance. This policy generally covers an unlimited number of trips over the course of a year, providing each trip lasts for 90 days or less. Annual travel insurance can often be tailored with extras for each trip, such as cover for sports and expeditions that you might undertake.

Backpacker Insurance

Highly popular amongst those aged 18–25 who are embarking on a gap year abroad, backpack insurance differs slightly from annual travel insurance as this covers trips away for prolonged periods of time, usually between 31 days and 18 months.  As backpackers are more likely to indulge in a range of activities during their time away, backpacker insurance usually covers a number of the most popular ventures including bungee jumping and mountain biking. Extras such as winter sports cover can also be added to create a more tailored travel insurance policy.

Winter sports cover

Obviously not one for the beach combers but made for those who enjoy escaping to the mountains for during the winter months. As many winter sports come with a risk factor, this means that they often require extra insurance to cover any unfortunate accidents. This is why the specialist winter sports cover was developed.

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