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A guide to the different types of DVD players available to buy in the UK.

Buying a DVD player used to be fairly easy once upon a time. That is definitely not the case anymore, simply due to the fact that there are so many different types of DVD players to choose from. If you are not an expert in DVD technology, which most of us are not, it can be difficult to know what is what. If you are thinking about buying a new DVD player then it is important that you look into all of your options first before actually making a purchase.

Types of DVD Players

Standard DVD Players

The standard DVD player can be found in most homes now, especially since the VHS went out the window. There are a lot of different standard DVD players out there, and they vary greatly when it comes to price range. This is the type of DVD player that you should get if you just want something basic that is not too expensive.

DVD Player Combos

DVD player combos are still incredibly popular. Not only do they save a lot of space, but they can also be really good for use in the home. One example of a combo that you might come across is the DVD-VHS combo. This is perfect for those who still have old videos that they would like to watch, but who would also like a DVD player. These are not as expensive as you may think, there are some very good deals around.

Portable DVD Players

If you travel long distances frequently then you will probably want something to do to pass the time. This is where a portable DVD player would come in handy. They can also be perfect for keeping the kids distracted when they are in the back of the car. These are relatively inexpensive. You should not expect high quality viewing, but it is definitely worth it for those long journeys.

Home Theatre/Built In

If you like watching movies at home then you will probably be very interested in a home theatre system. The good thing about these is that you are able to get everything that you could possibly need to make it seem like you are actually at the cinema. You can also now get DVD players built into other things. For example, you can get them built into televisions and games consoles.

HD DVD Players

HD DVD players are perfect for those who want to have the ultimate viewing experience. High Definition is still a relatively new thing to most people, but if you are looking for something that will make watching movies at home even better then a high definition DVD player is well worth looking into.

Blu-ray DVD Players

Blu-ray DVD players are the most recent types of DVD players. Whilst they are very expensive for the most part, a lot of people have started replacing their old standard DVD players with Blu-ray ones. However a lot of people are avoiding this because they think that they will not be able to watch their old DVD’s/, but you can get some players that will allow you to do this whilst still allowing you to watch Blu-ray DVD’s too.

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