This article will give guidance to anyone considering whether or not buy an iPhone 4 or wait to buy the next version of the iPhone.

When will the iPhone 5 come out?

As of writing Apple still haven’t announced the next version of the iPhone, and have only recently brought out the new white iPhone 4.

So when will the iPhone 5 come out? No one is totally sure. Some predictions are late 2011, some a 2012 launch.

iPhone 5 features

Pictures of a white iPhone 5 leaked earlier in the year suggest the iPhone 5 will not look radically different, though may have a slightly increased screen size pushed closer to the edge of the screen.

There had been rumours Apple might go for a steel back – similar to the new iPad, but the more likely option may be it will have a glass back.

We can be sure the iPhone 5 will have a superior quality camera made by Sony, following an announcement from the Sony CEO at a conference.

Question: Should I buy an iPhone 4 or wait for the iPhone 5?

A tough question that depends on your situation.

You may feel jealous/disappointed when an amazing new shiny iPhone comes out in x months time if you think you won’t have the money to upgrade.

You could potentially always sell your iPhone 4 on eBay then buy a new iPhone 5, or buy out your contract, but either way it is likely to incurr a cost.

You could be patient and wait for the next version.

Or you could go to the darkside and buy a HTC phone.

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