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A guide to the different types of Wii consoles available in the UK.

When it comes to the ultimate gaming experience, Nintendo very nearly hit the nail on the head when they released the Nintendo Wii. Households all over the country were eager to get their hands on one, and a few years after its release, it is very easy to see why. If you don’t yet own one, then you definitely have to. However, there are a lot of different Wii consoles that you can purchase now as they have progressed over the last few years. So, what different types of the Nintendo Wii are there?

Types of Wii Console

Wii White

The white Nintendo Wii was the first to be released and it is still very popular today. The original features were much less comprehensive than newer models, but it was still a huge step forward in interactive gaming at home. The fact that you can play games like tennis using a remote like a racket is something that had not been done before, so you can see why it is so popular. A lot of the accessories that you will see in stores now will be white, in order to go with the original version. If you are looking for the original Wii then this is it.

Wii Black

As the Wii progressed in terms of features the new black version was released. A lot of gamers were eager to get their hands on this version, not because it had any new features or a different design, but simply because not many people would have this console because they would have already purchased the original white version. Let’s face it, nobody is going to pay out hundreds of pounds in order to get a new console simply because it is in a different colour. However, many people think that this version is more stylish, and there are also black accessories to go with it too, although the white accessories still go with it.

Wii Red

The Wii red was the latest to be released. However, it was definitely hard to get hold of when it was first released because it was limited edition. Although it is limited edition not everybody was that interested because finding matching accessories can actually prove to be a bit more difficult because the vast majority of them are either black or white. However, you can find red accessories if you look hard enough, or you can buy skins for your accessories.

Wii U

The Wii U has not even been released yet, but it is already creating a huge buzz in the gaming world. There are so many new features, and a whole new dimension to home gaming. For example, the controllers for the Wii U are actually touch screen which is something that has not yet been done. If you are worried that you will have to pay out for new games and accessories if you want to get the Wii U then you shouldn’t be, because all of the old stuff will still work on the Wii U.

Wii Bundles

If you are looking for good value then you should probably be looking into some of the different Wii bundles available. For example, if you are into fitness then you should get the Wii Fit bundle. There are also bundles for other popular games such as Mario Kart, Sports Resort and many others.

Useful Websites

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