A guide to the different types of PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 has been incredibly popular since it’s first release a few years back. However, it has come up against fierce competition from the Wii and the Xbox 360. Despite this, many people are still buying the PlayStation 3, and it still remains incredibly popular. If you are looking to buy yourself one of these consoles then it is important that you realise that there are several different types of PlayStation 3 consoles to actually choose from.

Types of PlayStation 3

Memory Size

A list of the different size PlayStation 3 consoles by slim/normal and by size of memory:

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Console 320GB Hard Drive
  • PlayStation 3 Slim Console 250GB Hard Drive
  • PlayStation 3 Slim Console 160GB Hard Drive
  • PlayStation 3 Slim Console 120GB Hard Drive
  • PlayStation 3 Console 80GB Hard Drive
  • PlayStation 3 Console 60GB Hard Drive
  • PlayStation 3 Console 40GB Hard Drive


News has just emerged of a new PlayStation 3 Slim to be released shortly, code-named CECH-3000B.

The console will apparently be more lightweight (5.7 pounds, compared to the previous 6.6 pound) and more energy efficient (200W from 230W).

It will start with a 320GB model, with variations and bundles to follow.


The PlayStation 3 Slim is the newest and most popular out of all of the previous releases.

The most obvious difference with this model is that it is a lot slimmer than all of the previous versions which looks a lot better.

There are also several different features and software updates to make gaming even better. You can get the slim PlayStation 3 in either 120GB, 250GB, 160GB, and 320GB.

The colours available at the moment range from the classic colours to titanium blue and white and pink. More colours will probably be released at some point.


This is one of the newer releases, and there are more features and colour options available, as well as hard drive size options.

The colours that are available are piano black, ceramic white, satin silver, all of which have a satin silver trim. The other colour available is gun metal grey with a gun metal grey trim.

You can get these consoles in either 40GB, 80GB, and 160GB.

One difference that you will notice with this console is that it only has 2 USB ports rather than 4.


This range of models hardly differ from the original release.

One difference that you will notice is that whilst the console still comes in a piano black colour, it has a chrome trim rather than a charcoal trim.

These models are available in both 60GB and 80GB. It has all of the features of the original release and there are no new features, just fixed bugs.

Again, you can no longer buy this console new, you would have to buy it second hand.


This range of models was the first to be released.

It was available in 20GB and 40GB, and was only available in a piano black colour with a charcoal black trim.

This type of PlayStation 3 features built in Wi-Fi, flash memory card readers, 4 USB ports, Linux support and more. Considering this was the first release, the features are minimal in comparison to the newer models.

One good thing about these models is the fact all of them support either both, or one of either PS2 games or PS1 games.

Unfortunately, you can no longer buy these models brand new, so you will have to buy them second hand if you want one.


Much like all other consoles out there at the moment, you can get PlayStation 3 bundles that are really good value for money. For example, some packages include things like PlayStation Move and other games.

If you want to save yourself some money then buying a bundle is probably a good idea.

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