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I’ve often heard it said that people are slowly falling out of love with bathtubs, but I’m still far from convinced that this is the case.

Despite the obvious convenience of showers, taking one still can’t offer even remotely close to what a long hot bath offers you, especially after a long hard day or during those bleak winter months.

It’s impossible to fully unwind in a shower like you can in a bath, especially if you plan taking a book or cup of tea in with you!

So, as we’re confident that bathtubs are always going to be popular in the home, we’ve put together this list of types of bathtubs so you can be sure exactly which type is right for you.


1. The Free-standing Bathtub

Perhaps the most iconic and beautiful of all bath tubs, the free-standing tub is one many of us will have dreamed of having in our homes.

Perhaps most commonly found in country estates and posh hotels – unsurprisingly, these beauties can cost upwards of £1,000 – free-standing tubs require plenty of space to get the bath’s full benefits.

freestanding bath

After all, a free-standing bath is all about ‘freedom’ of entry and exit, so it would be pointless using one of these tubs in an alcove space or small room.

2. The Corner Bathtub

If free-standing tubs are the most expensive on the market, corner bathtubs are a fairly close runner-up.

Ideal for those who love to bathe in pairs or small groups, this attractive corner tub has 5 sides, two of which fit nicely into a corner.

The tub itself takes up a fair amount of floor space, but on the plus side it only uses the space of two walls.

3. The Alcove Bathtub / Recessed tubs

Space saving, practical and extremely good value, the alcove bathtub is probably the one you’re most familiar with.

Fitting snugly into a tight three-walled space, the alcove tub is all about getting the most out of the limited space you have.

Tiling walls or fitting panels around the tub will mean your bath can be used for taking showers too, saving even more space in small enclosures.

4. The Drop-in Bathtub / Platform tubs

If you’re looking for something completely different and incredibly easy on the eye, a drop-in bathtub might be just your thing.

Essentially just an alcove tub sunk into a purpose-built raised decking or peninsula, this bathtub is a simple idea which works very effectively.

This solution offers a great amount of tiled or concrete space around the tub which is not only very attractive but also useful either for lounging around on or just as somewhere to place your glass of wine, or two!

5. The Undermount Bathtub

Often fitted into bathrooms in a drop-in style, undermount tubs are another pricey but extremely deluxe and comfortable bathtub choice.

Costing in the region of £1,000, undermount bathtubs tend to have much steeper sides than other traditional tubs, and tend to hold a greater volume of water.

The sides and ends of the undermount tub are less rounded, thus creating more space.

6. The Walk-in Bathtub

Designed for those with limited mobility or physical issues, the walk-in bathtub offers extremely easy access for bathers through a side door.

With this style of tub, no troublesome climbing is necessary and the risk of slipping is dramatically reduced.

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