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Despite how much we all complain about road works and the delays caused by miles and miles of bollards and other various forms of roadside equipment, these items save lives and they are an essential part of general road safety.

From bollards to barriers and road lamps to road signs, there’s probably a lot more road safety equipment out there than you imagined.


Traffic Cones

The Great British bollard is almost just as big a part of our culture as fish and chips! Once you’ve left the airport and get back onto British roads following a trip abroad, one of the first things you’re guaranteed to see is the familiar glow of white and orange traffic cones… and at that very moment you know you’re home.

As well as the classic design there’s also the yellow No Waiting cones and traffic cyclinders, those orange and white plastic tubes you occasionally see used instead of traffic cones at road works.

Temporary Road Signs

Ideal for temporary situations and problems which will be shortly back to normal, temporary road signs are the ideal way to warn of dangers or sudden changes to road layouts.

footpath closed sign

Images courtesy of Manchester Safety

From simple Stop/Go signs, traffic light signs, Men at work signs and also more pedestrian focused ones such as Footpath closed signs, there is a plethora of temporary signage to suit all manner of situations.

Road Sign Frames

What good’s a sign without a frame? Not many people would see it without one, and they generally come in 4 variations; triangular, square, rectangle or quick fit.

Barrier Systems

Whether it be to re-direct traffic around road reconstruction sites, keeping people out of danger areas, or controlling crowds at an event, there is a variation of safety barrier ideal for your specific situation.

Temporary road barriers are big and bold enough to keep even the heaviest of traffic at bay, manhole barriers nicely protect exposed manholes, temporary site fencing does brilliantly at keeping undesirables out of construction sites, and crowd control barriers are superb at enclosing rowdy festival crowds, among others.

Traffic Calming Equipment

Road rage does appear increasingly on the rise at the moment, which makes it even more pleasing that there are so many traffic calming devices out there!

There are trench covers and kerb ramps, speed ramps (temporary versions of the famous Sleeping Policeman), tactile paving (which include blister tactile paving and cycle track warning tiles) and composite gully crates too.

Other useful items to help slow and calmly direct traffic are black and white verge posts with a red reflective top panel, flexible direction bollards and cable covers.

Road Lamps

For that ultimate visibility in very poorly lit areas or during times of heavy fog, flashing rod lamps are vital to ensure maximum safety. Fitting nicely onto traffic cones or hangable on other items such as traffic lights, the different types of road lamps include flashing UniLamps, steady UniLamps, ConeLITE and Trafi SignLite.

Traffic Separators

Sometimes things or people just aren’t meant to be together, and in times when it’s vital to keep one flow of traffic away from another, traffic separators do a fine job.

Log traffic separators are popular and often come in red and white colours, whilst water filled higher separators are also a common choice for road work locations or in industrial areas.

Roll Up Signs

Extremely convenient and easy to store, these portable and collapsible roll up signs cater for a wide range of situations. Extremely easy to transport, these lightweight signs can display any desired image or message.

Road Marking Equipment

For times when road signs or traffic separators just aren’t appropriate, road marking equipment like thermoplastic road marking tape or line marker paint come can be great temporary ways of diverting traffic, people, or to give other instructions.

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