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A quick guide to the different types of garage doors on the market.


There are many different types of garage doors nowadays. This article is design to educate you on the various different doors there are and the benefits each one brings.


Remote garage doors

Remote garage doors have a mechanism where the garage door can be opened remotely via a device from a distance. Remote garage doors allow access to the garage with the minimum of effort. They are great for security, allowing homeowners to make sure the garage door is shut from a safe distance.

Sectional garage doors

sectional garage door

Sectional garage doors are different to standard doors in the sense that they are constructed using 3-8 panels rather that one solid piece of construction. This type of garage door is considered a space saver as it does not require any outside space to open. Another major benefit is that they are more robust. Each panel has multiple connections to the door track. This therefore lowers the chance of the garage door breaking down if one of the tracks stops working.

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are a space saving alternative to standard garage doors. When closing they fold up into a compact box in the top of the garage ceiling. They save ceiling space due to being folded neatly in a box than being spread out across the ceiling. Roller doors are becoming more popular due to the novelty factor and how great they look.  Roller doors have a smooth opening motion, meaning they look great and sophisticated, rather than jerky movements you get with other garage doors.

Side hinged garage doors

side hinged garage doors
Side Hinged garage doors are great in the sense that they operate like everyday normal household doors. They do not have the complicated door track mechanisms for opening and closing that sometimes break down causing the garage doors not to work. Instead they open sideways thanks to the hinges on the door. Side hinged garage doors allow homeowners to access their garages within the minimum of effort. They are often used for storage of household items rather than for space to keep cars stored in. Due the garage door taking up space when opening, they can take up large part of the driveway making them impractical for some car owners to store their car in.

Up and over garage doors

These doors are always eye openers for potential customers when visiting garage door showrooms. They open by being flipped up. They are easy to use and a great novelty if you want to impress your friends.

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