4 Different Types Of Advices For First-Time Car Buyers  - Car Dealership

Used car, luxury car, warranty, insurance, etc. For young adults, buying a car can be scary and confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips to give you all the information you need…

You could buy a used car

We know, it can be tempting to want to buy a new car, the industrial smell, the shiny interiors, the latest technology… But you need to bear in mind that a new car is much more expensive than a used car, so make sure you can actually afford it and you are comfortable enough driving a brand new-car as a recently qualified driver.

Buy used, however, and you get much more for your money. Always check the age of a used car, as a very general rule of thumb, a car is usually ok up to 5 years, and the mileage (we recommend an average of 12,000 per year with a good service and MOT history).

But if you can, just go for it!

Perhaps money is not a problem for you… then why not invest in a luxury car? Before buying your new luxury car, we would advise to invest in a warranty, although they are built to last, you need to prepare just in case. Nowadays, you can find warranty that matches the brand of your car, for example, if you fancy a BMW, then you can set up a bmw warranty to protect your car against various faults, it’s that easy.

Get a warranty

Cars are now much more sophisticated, with a ton of technologies and electronic systems to regulate the engine and make the driving experience better. Some of these electronic systems could potentially be or become faulty and that’s why you should always use a reputable dealer that offers a warranty.

Make a list

Before buying anything, make sure you think of what you really need from a car. Making a list helps you to be realistic. Think about: Do you need extra room for your family? Would you rather have electric, diesel or petrol? Do you need a big boot for luggage or a pushchair? Does it really need to be a fancy car? Can you actually afford it?

We hope you enjoy this little guide. There is a ton of things to check and double-check before buying a first car, but make sure you take the time to do just that.

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