A free guide to the different types of online advertising available.

If you have a website or company you want to advertise online this guide can help you find the different places you might want to advertise.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay per click advertising – commonly referred to as “PPC” (pronounced “Pee-pee-cee”) – is the most popular and effective type of advertising a business/website online.

As in the name, with PPC you literally “pay per click”, meaning for every person that clicks on your ad, you pay.

Google, MSN, Yahoo and many other companies provide PPC advertising solutions, allowing advertisers to get traffic either directly from search-engines or from other websites on the internet.

PPC ads can be text, image/banner, or even multimedia/video/map based.

PPC can often be targeted/localised, so that only people living in a specific area of the world/country and perhaps other criteria will see the advert. This can allow advertisers to target very specifically the kind of customer they are looking for.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords logo

Google Adwords logo © Google - from Crunchbase

Google Adwords is one of the largest and most advanced advertising networks in the world.

You can get your ads shown in Google search results, as well as on partner website via Google’s huge Google AdSense network.

Google Adwords is an incredibly powerful advertising solution.  By picking the right keywords you can target your ads to be shown to your perfect customers that are actively looking for your exact product/niche. For example if you a plumber in Acne town, you can choose the keyword “plumber in Acne town”.

Using Google Adwords you can place text based ads in Google; as well as banners, animated ads and more on the content network.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow an incredible amount of targetting options.

Using Facebook Ads it is possible to target by age, sex, location and crucially by interest – meaning based on what your customers “like” and are interested in on Facebook.

For example you can target 20-30 year old women in London, who are interested in shoes and fashion.



Chitika logo © Chitika

Chitika is an alternative PPC ad network to Google that is gaining in popularity.

Chitika have some large and innovative ad sizes.

Ads can use map data or product images.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising can get your ads placed in Bing and on the MSN network of sites.

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