Different colour condoms

A guide to the different types of condoms available in the UK.

When hearing the word “condom” the image conjured up in your mind is probably that of a general sized, latex sheath wrapped in a foil packet which probably has the word “Durex” written on it.

However, you may be interested to know that condoms come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and types, and some are even made from materials you wouldn’t believe.


Latex condoms

We have to start with latex condoms, as they’re by far the most popular type of prophylactic sheath on the market today.


  • Oil-based products, such as moisturiser, lotion and Vaseline, can make latex condoms less effective, but they are safe to use with condoms made from polyurethane or polyisoprene.
  • Water-based lubricant, available in pharmacies and sexual health clinics, is safe to use with all condoms, including latex ones.


Polyurethane condoms

Polyurethane is a type of plastic and condoms made of this material are a great alternative for people with latex allergies.

Different sized condoms

Regardless or whether a gentleman has a more than generous package, or even if he feels he has been a little ‘short-changed’, there is a condom to fit everyone! Extra large, extra small, and even extra wide condoms are available!

Spermicidal / Non-Spermicidal condoms

Have you ever worn 2 condoms at the same time to double your chances of stopping STIs and unwanted pregnancy? Well, instead of doing this (which can cause splitting) instead, use spermicidal condoms which instantly kill sperm following ejaculation.

Flavoured condoms

For those who insist on staying extra safe even when performing oral sex, flavoured condoms (such as chocolate, fruit, coffee and curry!) provide a much nicer taste than rubber or plastic!

Charitable condoms

There are even condoms on the market today which to good for the world! Sir Richard Branson’s own brand of condoms claims to donate one condom to charity for each packet of condoms purchased!

Ribbed condoms

In an effort to maximise sexual pleasure for women during intercourse, some men use ribbed, or textured condoms. The ribbed texture gives more stimulation to the vagina, and some condoms are even ribbed for the males pleasure too!

Lubricated condoms

Using lubrication during sex reduces friction meaning condoms are less likely to break, so some are now coming ‘pre-lubed’ for the buyer’s convenience!

Super thin condoms

Hardly rocket science, but the thinner the material used to make the condom, the more sensations the participants are going to experience. Extra thin condoms are very popular for these reasons but you must take care when using as they could potentially break easier.


For more information on different types of condoms, the following guides may be useful:

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