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If you’d like to make the most of your beautiful garden, one of the best ways you can do this is to invest in a garden swing.

There are so many different ones to choose from, though, which is why we’ve put together this free guide to the types of garden swings. We hope it will help you decide which garden swing is right for you.


Wooden Swings

Plum UAKARI Wooden Swing Set - Photo by AllGardenFunDepending on the look and feel of your garden, you may find that a wooden swing is suitable for you. Wooden swings vary in size and colour, and because of this, vary in price. You could either have singular wooden swings in your garden, or go for one of the many wooden swing sets – offering more than just the standard swing.

One of the advantages of wooden swings is that you’ll be using natural materials – so your garden swings will age with the weather conditions (providing they are treated correctly). Wooden swing sets will also fit perfectly into a garden with wooden fences or decking. Wooden swing sets are very popular, and because of this reason, they often come with a variety of fittings and extras – perfect for your children and their friends to play on for hours.

Most wooden swing sets come flat-packed ready for you to assemble yourself. However, it may be possible to arrange delivery of a fully assembled set depending on where you buy it from. Some sets may come with the option to assemble the swing set in different ways – providing you with the opportunity to change the layout of the swing in the future should you require.

Stay safe! You may find this childrens’ garden safety guide useful.

Metal Swings

Plum JUPITER Metal Swing SetMetal swings are often more versatile than wooden swings, and often look more ‘modern’ and stylish. Because they are more versatile, metal swings require less ‘treatment’ than wooden swings.

If you’re looking for more than just a singular swing, you could look into metal swing sets. These will often come with more than one swing and perhaps other accessories/features such as a slide or toddler swing. Metal swing sets can be ideal for your children’s adventurous afternoons in the garden.

You’ll often find that metal swing sets come flat-packed and will require putting together at home. This needn’t be a problem, however, as full instructions will be provided.

Canopy Swings

Moving away from the ‘play’ swings, canopy swings are very similar to the popular ‘porch swing’ and are ideal if you’ve got a veranda or patio to your property.

They offer a relaxing and comfortable alternative to standard garden furniture and often come with cushions and covers to keep them protected from the weather. The seat of a canopy swing is typically quite large, and has enough room to comfortably seat three adults. They provide an excellent alternative to rocking chairs!

Some canopy swings are portable, while other are attached to the roof of a porch or veranda.

Hammock Swing - Photo by Unfurled

Hammock Swings

If you’ve got the space for one, a hammock swing can be the perfect purchase for those warm, relaxing summer afternoons. They can either be attached to trees in your garden or secured on a strong hammock stand.

Toddler Swings

Toddler swings are usually incorporated into many wooden swing sets for your garden. They are, traditionally, a bucket-shaped swing with holes for your children’s legs. They are designed in this way to prevent your child from falling out, and offer a safe and secure way for your child to have fun in the garden.

Children’s Swings

Children’s swings are a little larger than toddler swings, and come flat-bottomed with chains attaching it to the main frame. They offer the freedom for your child to push themselves up and down on the swing and can provide hours of fun in the garden.

Whatever garden swing you choose, we hope this guide to the types of garden swings has helped you to make your decision.

Where to buy! There are so many garden swings you could choose from, so to help a little further, you can look at a wide range of them (including images and prices) here:


Take a look at a Canopy garden swing on this video to get an idea of how yours could look.

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