This article lists the different types of flats / apartments available in the UK.


Apartment / Flat

A flat or apartment is self contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building.

Studio Flats

A studio flat, also known as a bedsit, is typically a small flat which combines a living room, bedroom and kitchen in one unit, with a bathroom and sometimes a separate kitchen.

Studio flats tend to be the cheapest size of flat to rent.

1 Bedroom

One bedroom flats as in the name have one bedroom, and are suitable for one person living on their own or a couple sharing. They will have either a combined living room and kitchen or living room and separate kitchen; and a bathroom.

2 Bedroom

Two bedroom flats are as above, but suited to two people sharing, a couple, or one person who would also like an additional room for a study or spare room.

3 Bedroom

Three bedroom flats suit 2-4 people sharing depending on the size of the rooms, and potentially suitable for families. Three bedroom apartments / flats in city centre locations will frequently have high rental value.

4 Bedroom+

Four bedroom apartments are large flats, suitable for 4-8 people depending on size, and potentially suitable for families. Four bedroom apartments in city centre locations will frequently have high rental value.


Penthouse flats are situated on the top floor of a multi-story building, and are frequently large and luxurious.

Student Accomodation

Student accommodation in the UK comes in various forms, frequently with an emphasis on shared flats with 3-7 people.

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